5, 4, 3, 2, 1: Make your decor celestial by crafting a space candle

Space discovery and interplanetary intrigue have recently been in the news, commemorating the recent 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. If you want to bring some Apollo 11-infused excitement into your home, give our fun space candle DIY a whirl.
The most magical aspect of this project is the silver star confetti and glitter that you can add. These materials give the candle a snow globe feeling while enhancing its extraterrestrial style. A few of these candles would make prized gifts for any astronomy lover of any age. The candle placed on an outdoor table could also offer an out-of-this-world alfresco dining and stargazing experience. Just make sure it’s after dark!
- 4-ounce mason jar
- Small plastic rocket or astronaut toy figurine
- Bottle of Gorilla Super Glue Gel
- Small tube of tinted silver star confetti
- Small tube of silver glitter
- 6-inch candle wick
- Aluminum candle wick centering device
- Tub of Gelly wax
- Ice pop stick
- Candle making pitcher
- Electric wax melter
- Scissors
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1. Uncap the mason jar and set it down on the work surface.
2. Make sure your rocket or other figurine fits inside the jar. Apply a few drops of the super glue to the top front part of the figurine.
3. Position the rocket inside the jar and affix the glued portion to the jar’s interior. Keep pressing for 30 seconds or so to ensure that the glue seals well and the rocket stays put.
4. Grab the star confetti and glitter. Pour in enough star confetti to cover nearly the entire bottom of the jar.
5. Sprinkle about an equal amount of glitter into the jar.
6. Shake the jar several times so the confetti and glitter mix well.
7. Place the wick’s small metal circular bottom piece in the center of the jar's bottom.
8. Thread the top of the wick through the center opening in the wick centering device. Rest it on the jar’s rim.
9. Open the tub of Gelly wax and use the ice pop stick to empty some wax into the pitcher. The wax layer should cover the bottom of the pitcher.
10. Place the pitcher into the wax melter.
11. Set the wax melter at a midrange heat level, about 3 ½.
12. Allow the wax to melt thoroughly.
13. Carefully pour the melted wax into the mason jar. Allow the wax to solidify completely.
14. Trim the wick with the scissors so it’s flush with the rim of the jar.
15. The space candle is now ready to be displayed and lighted.

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