Don't throw out old glass jars. Turn them into ombre gel candles.

When ombre hit the craft scene hard in 2016, many people thought that it was going to be a passing fad. Designers in all industries from interior design to hairstyling quickly came up with new ombre creations to take advantage of the trend. However, the fresh ideas never stopped coming. Ombre isn't just a trend; it's proven itself as a staple of decor and fashion in the 21st century.
Psychologists suggest that this is due to the natural nostalgia that ombre hues evoke. They can make people think of various eras, including the psychedelic 60s and the neon 80s. It offers a subconscious tie to the past when many of us are seeking greater rootedness and meaning in our own lives. So, when you add this ombre candle to any room in your home, it can help you feel more centered, balanced and connected to your community.
- Glass jar
- Candlewick
- Metal wick bar
- Gel candle wax
- Craft stick
- Metal wax-pouring pot
- Hot plate
- Blue candle dye
- Scissors
- Blue gingham ribbon
DIY Everywhere
1. Place your lidless glass jar on your workspace. If you are upcycling an old jar, then thoroughly clean and dry it before you begin.
2. Place the wick in the glass jar. It should protrude 2-3 inches above the top of the jar.
3. Set the wick bar horizontally across the top of the jar. Bring the top of the wick through the center of the device to keep the wick centered in the jar.
4. Use a craft stick to scoop gel candle wax into the metal pouring pot.
5. Place the pot on the hot plate. Turn the hot plate to medium-high heat. Allow the wax to melt thoroughly.
6. Remove the pot from the hot plate.
7. Add two drops of blue candle dye to the melted gel candle wax in the pot. Stir with the craft stick. It will be a very light shade of blue.
8. Pour this light blue melted gel candle wax into the jar, filling up approximately one-third of the jar.
9. Add another five drops of blue candle dye to the melted gel candle wax in the pot. Stir. This creates a slightly darker shade of blue wax. Pour this wax on top of the light blue wax already in the jar, until the jar is approximately two-thirds full.
10. Repeat step nine to fill the jar with the final darkest shade of blue candle wax.
11. Remove the wick bar from the jar. Snip the candle wick down so that approximately 1 inch protrudes from the top of the jar.
12. Wrap blue gingham ribbon around the outside rim of the jar. Tie it in a bow. Trim down the ends as necessary.
13. Light the candle and enjoy.