Bookmark this DIY. Turn log slices into rustic bookends.

If you want to add rustic, earthy appeal to your space, then log slice crafts are the way to go. They bring in the heft of nature. You may not be able to sit outside reading your favorite book under a tree, but you can get the nostalgic feeling of doing so each time you see these log slice bookends on your mantel or bookshelf.
Bookends do more than just keep your books upright. They add ambiance. They set the tone. If you have only one shelf for your books but want to make it a special space, the right bookends can do the job. And if you're looking for a unique but easy gift idea, these bookends are a good DIY to bookmark.
- 2-by-2-by-6-inch wooden block
- Sandpaper
- Tarp or plastic to protect work space
- Varnish
- 1-inch paintbrush
- Drying cloth
- 6-inch diameter craft log slice
- Pencil
- Wood glue
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1. Use sandpaper to smooth down all sides of the wooden block.
2. Cover your work space with tarp or plastic to protect it.
3. Apply varnish to all sides of the wooden block using the paintbrush.
4. Wipe off excess varnish with the soft cloth.
5. Place the wooden block flat on your work surface. Stand a thick book upright beside it, pressing the edge of the block against it.
6. Hold the log slice in place upright at the center of the wooden block. One edge of the log slice should also touch the edge of the book. This tells you that you've properly aligned everything.
7. Use a pencil to mark the edges where the log slice touches the wooden block.
8. Apply wood glue to the bottom edge of the log slice. Press it atop the pencil marks you created in step 7. Hold it in place until the upright log slice dries atop the wooden block. Alternatively, you can apply painter's tape to the project to hold everything in place until it dries.