Usher in autumn with this dried citrus and cinnamon gel candle

Scent is one of our most powerful senses, swiftly evoking memories or setting a mood. In this DIY, cinnamon combines with dried citrus to conjure the essence and coziness of autumn.
Crafting this gel candle is surprisingly easy. Simply add dried citrus rings and cinnamon sticks to a jar, and pour the melted gel candle wax. Add a twine ribbon for decoration, and your candle is ready to light. The scent of cinnamon is suitable for winter, too, making these excellent holiday gifts for friends and family.
- Small glass jar
- Dried citrus rings, such as dried orange slices
- Two cinnamon sticks
- Candlewick
- Metal wick bar
- Gel candle wax
- Craft stick
- Metal wax-pouring pot
- Hot plate
- Hemp or jute twine
DIY Everywhere
1. Place approximately six dried citrus rings around the inside of the jar so that you can see the center of each fruit from the outside.
2. Rub two cinnamon sticks together to bring out their scent. Place those sticks upright in the jar.
3. Place the candlewick in the jar.
4. Set the metal wick bar horizontally atop the jar. Pull the top of the wick through its center.
5. Scoop gel candle wax into the pouring pot using a craft stick.
6. Place the pouring pot on the hot plate, which should be set at medium-high heat. Allow the gel candle wax to melt completely.
7. Pour the melted wax into the jar, filling it nearly to the rim.
8. Snip the candlewick to just above the wick bar. Remove the wick bar.
9. Wrap twine three or four times around the outside rim of the jar, and tie it into a bow. Cut the ends down to size as necessary.
10. Light your candle, and enjoy the autumnal scent.