Stay organized forever with this ironing board DIY

Decorate your crafting space and organize your materials all at the same time with this clever upcycling project. Take an old tabletop ironing board and transform it into a vibrant wall-mounted organizer that can stash and hold your most-used supplies within easy reach. Ornate hooks and crystal drawer pulls can hold paintbrushes, scissors, craft wire or yarn. For loose items, simply hang a small bucket or two and tuck the items inside.
There are several ways you can customize the style and utility of this craft organizer. Consider what tools and materials you use most often when crafting, then select and arrange hooks or drawer pulls to accommodate those supplies. To alter the appearance of the organizer, use scrap fabric left over from previous projects or use old notions or ribbons to add a playful accent around the edge of the ironing board. Carefully chosen fabric and fixtures can give this organizer a whimsical dimension, brighten up a wall and bring a more inviting element to your workspace.
- Tabletop ironing board
- Sanding block
- Rag
- Mod Podge
- Paintbrush
- Decorative drawer pulls, 3
- Decorative coat hooks, 2
- Small hooks, 3
- Small buckets, 2
- Marker
- Electric drill
- 1/16-inch diameter drill bit
- 9/64-inch diameter drill bit
- Phillips-head bit
- 1/4-inch long Phillips-head screws, 7
- 1/4-inch long machine screws, 3
- Screwdriver
DIY Everywhere
1. Remove the fabric cover and foam from the ironing board. Discard the foam and set aside the cover.
2. Place the board right side up. Sand the surface of the board, then wipe off the dust with a rag.
3. Paint the board with Mod Podge in sections, starting at the top and smoothing the fabric cover onto the Mod Podge as you go.
4. After you’ve covered the front of the board with the fabric, flip the board over and add Mod Podge to the underside around the edges. Press the edges of the fabric down onto the Mod Podge. Allow it to dry.
5. Flip the board right side up. Arrange the hooks and drawer pulls as desired on the board. If you’re using buckets with your craft organizer, you may want to use them to help determine the proper placement of the drawer pulls or hooks.
6. Once you’ve decided on an arrangement for the hooks and drawer pulls, use a marker to mark where the screws will go.
7. Use the 1/16-inch diameter drill bit to drill guide holes for the decorative hooks. Place the hooks on top of the guide holes, then use a Phillips-head bit to screw in the Phillips-head screws for the hooks.
8. Use the 9/64-inch diameter drill bit to drill holes for the drawer pulls. Place a machine screw in each hole with the head of the screw on the underside of the board. Screw a drawer pull onto each screw and tighten with a screwdriver.
9. If you haven’t already, repeat step 7 to screw down the small hooks.
10. Your new craft organizer is ready to hang and enjoy!