Simple felt flowers make an adorable place setting

Brighten up your table settings with felt flowers. In this DIY, you'll learn how to cut and glue together simple felt pieces to create flowers with stems. Then, you'll use puff paint to add each guest's name to their flower. This brings a sense of fun and lightness to your gathering and makes an excellent conversation starter.
Get creative when deciding how to seat guests at your get-together. Many hosts seat friends or family beside each other, but if you seat strangers side by side and separate the people who already know each other, then you give everyone the opportunity to get to know someone new. This is an ideal way to break the ice and get your party going.
- Yellow felt
- White felt
- Green felt
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Burlap
- Hot glue gun
- Wire craft stem
- Wire cutter
- White puff paint
DIY Everywhere
1. Place one square of yellow felt flat on your work space.
2. Use your pencil to draw a simple, seven-petaled flower in the center of the felt square.
3. Cut out the flower using scissors.
4. Cut a circle out of burlap.
5. Hot-glue the circle to the center of the felt flower.
6. Snip the wire craft stem to approximately 5 inches in length.
7. Apply hot glue to the back of the felt flower. Press the top of the wire craft stem into the glue.
8. Cut a leaf shape out of green felt.
9. Apply hot glue to the stem of the felt leaf. Press this against the wire craft stem, slightly below the felt flower, wrapping the leaf stem around the craft stem to secure it.
10. Write the name of the guest on the felt leaf using white puff paint.
11. Repeat all of these steps to make white and yellow flowers personalized with each guest's name.
12. Make sure that the puff paint and hot glue have dried completely before placing the flowers on plates in your desired seating arrangement.

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