Extra! Extra! Turn the newspaper into a great gift tag

Giving a friend or family member a gift is a wonderful way to spread cheer and show that you care. However, when birthdays or holidays overlap, and the gifts begin to accumulate, wrapping everything in store-bought paper can get expensive. Topping each gift with a pricey gift tag can add up as well. When it comes to saving money, time and stress, consider taking a personalized approach to gift tags that do not require any shopping.
A sheet of newspaper and cardboard are all it takes to turn easy-to-access materials into something new. A little folding goes a long way toward transforming a simple square of cardboard into the perfect gift tag base. Carefully glue strips of newspaper to the top of the cardboard to create a customized gift tag look that adds a lot of style to the wrapped present. Consider drawing a colorful heart or message on top of the newspaper gift tag for a fun pop of color. When the tag is complete, you can easily attach it to a gift bag or a string you're using to finish the look of a gift-wrapped box .
-One sheet of newspaper
-Square of cardboard, 10 1/2 by 10 1/2 inches
-Elmer’s Clear Glue stick
-One sheet of transparent, decorative scrapbook paper
-Red colored pencil
-Hole punch
DIY Everywhere
1. Tear a single sheet of newspaper into a collection of long strips.
2. Place a square of cardboard on a flat working surface.
3. Line up a ruler with the bottom edge of the cardboard, and mark the 2 1/2-inch mark in pencil from the left edge.
4. Measure 2 1/2 inches in from the left edge of the cardboard up to the 6-inch-high mark.
5. Draw a line from the 6-inch-high-mark left and across 2 1/2 inches to create a rectangle that measures 2 1/2 by 6 inches.
6. Draw a pencil line across the cardboard horizontally at the 3-inch mark.
7. Cut out the cardboard rectangle using the pencil marks as guides.
8. Fold the cardboard in half at the 3-inch mark, making sure the short edges are even.
9. Cover the top flap of the cardboard with the glue stick.
10. Press as many strips of newspaper as needed to the glue to cover the top flap.
11. Cut away excess newspaper at the edges.
12. Cut a rectangle from transparent, decorative scrapbook paper to match the 2 1/2-by-3-inch dimensions of the interior flap of the cardboard gift tag.
13. Cover the interior flap of the gift tag with the glue stick, and press the transparent and decorative rectangle to the glue lining up the edges.
14. Draw a red heart on the front of the gift tag on top of the newspaper strips using a red colored pencil.
15. Punch a hole in the top right corner of the gift tag, avoiding the cardboard crease.
16. Cut a line from the top edge of the gift tag through the top of the punched hole.
17. Press a gift bag handle through the cut line so the tag hangs on the bag by the punched hole.
18. You can also attach the gift tag to twine or string decorating a wrapped box.