Read all about it: Newspaper makes headlines as wall art

This homemade piece of newspaper wall art will garner attention and compliments. It’s graphic, bold and contemporary, yet simple to make. You can customize the piece by selecting either new, crisp white newspaper with contrasting black print, or an old sample that has yellowed a bit for an antique effect.
This piece is a fetching finishing touch on a bookshelf, or it can be mounted on a wall or even leaned casually on your mantel above the fireplace. It will look striking, whether it takes center stage as a statement piece or as part of a grouping on a gallery wall. It’s so edgy that most will assume you bought it from one of the best contemporary art outlets out there, a museum store.
- Several sheets of newspaper
- 18-by-24-inch painting canvas
- Bottle of Mod Podge
- Sponge paintbrush
- Painter’s tape
- Small paint palette
- Three bottles of acrylic paint in different colors
DIY Everywhere
1. Take a sheet of newspaper and tear it in half widthwise.
2. Take one of these pieces and, oriented widthwise, tear it into six to seven strips of varying widths. The maximum width should be about 4 inches.
3. Lay the canvas down on the work surface and orient it horizontally. Paint some Mod Podge from its bottom corner to about halfway up the canvas. Place the bottom end of a newspaper strip on top of the section you’ve coated and press down. Now coat the top of that portion of the strip with Mod Podge.
4. Apply Mod Podge all the way up to the top of the canvas so it mimics the shape of the paper strip. Lay the rest of the strip down on top of the coated canvas. Note: The strips may be a bit longer than the canvas front. If that's the case, apply Mod Podge to the top and bottom canvas edges and paste the ends of the strips to them.
5. Apply Mod Podge on the top of the upper half of the strip.
6. Continue coating the tops of the rest of the strips after attaching them to the coated canvas. Leave some random small portions of the canvas blank and stick smaller newspaper pieces onto these spaces.
7. Cover them with Mod Podge too. These smaller pieces should overlap onto other larger ones and will make the image's foundation a collage.
8. Take two long pieces of painter’s tape and place each of them near the outer bottom edges of the canvas, but position them so they angle inward on the canvas as they ascend it. After you've placed the pieces of tape, they should delineate a triangle, but the tops of the tape pieces should be about 1 inch apart.
9. Squirt some paint from each of the bottles into the depressions in the palette.
10. Paint one color in the centrally located triangle section of the covered canvas that’s surrounded by the tape.
11. Unpeel the tape from the canvas.
12. Cut new pieces of tape to use as guides for painting more triangles. Paint a couple of triangles with their points facing downward on either end of the canvas.
13. Paint three differently sized slender triangles with their points facing upward on the canvas. Place one to the right of the large prominent central triangle and two to the left of it.
14. Remove all the tape and allow the paint to dry. The abstract graphic painting is now ready to display.