Get creative with current events, and cover an old lampshade with newspaper

There’s no reason to toss that dull lampshade out when it’s reached the end of its life as a helpful accessory in the living room or elsewhere in your home. While it may be tempting to go out and purchase something new, why not give an existing lampshade a new decorative life with just a little bit of newspaper. The printed surface is interesting enough to add some much need aesthetic appeal, while the print remains transparent, allowing light to continue to shine through.
Strips of newspaper are all you need to re-cover a standard lampshade in just a few minutes. Mod Podge adhesive holds the paper in place, and a quick trim fold keeps the edges looking professionally finished. Consider pairing a newspaper lampshade with a gold lampstand, as the print will stand out nicely in contrast to the metal's sleek sheen. Wrapping gold tape around the top edge of the lampshade pulls the look together as well. Place this lamp on a coffee table or end table next to a stack of books to highlight the newspaper lettering. Similarly, it could be placed beside other gold accent items like clocks or candles to make the most of the shine!
-Newspaper sheets
-Solid colored lampshade and stand
-Mod Podge adhesive
-Foam paintbrush
-Gold tape, 1 inch wide
DIY Everywhere
1. Tear a sheet of newspaper into a collection of long strips.
2. Remove a lampshade from its stand, and place it on a flat working surface.
3. Apply Mod Podge adhesive to the outside of the lampshade with a foam paintbrush, and press a strip of newspaper to the glue to secure it to the exterior. Make sure to press the paper smoothly against the surface. Fold excess newspaper around the top and bottom edges to hide it inside the lampshade.
4. Continue attaching strips of newspaper to the lampshade until the entire surface is covered.
5. Wrap 1-inch-wide gold tape around the top edge of the lampshade, and cut it away from the spool where the ends meet.
6. Reattach the lampshade to the stand.
7. Place the lamp on a coffee table or bookshelf, and enjoy the glow of current events.

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