Every rose has its thorn — except this one

This charming newspaper rose DIY will add a sentimental touch to any area of your home that's in need of some sweet style. The fact that this project's unexpected main material can be grabbed right from your recycling bin is what makes it all the more appealing.
These roses are so easy to make that even crafting a bouquet doesn't take much time or effort. Don’t think these have to be stowed in a vase exclusively, either. For a casual but dramatic centerpiece, simply lay a dozen of these beauties on your dining table. Or add some color by tying them together with a satin ribbon. The newspaper touch hints at nostalgia, but the best part of these roses is that even without water, they’ll last forever.
- Section of newspaper
- Scissors
- A 6-inch long piece of dark green floral wire
- Hot glue gun
- Glue sticks
DIY Everywhere
1. Take a folded section of newspaper with several pages and cut it in half lengthwise with the scissors.
2. Take one of those halves and cut it in half again to make two groups of newspaper pieces that are several layers of the same size.
3. Cut each of those two layered groups in half.
4. Assemble the newspaper pieces into one pile and trim them with the scissors into a petal shape. The curved sides of the petal should be joined at the bottom by a short, straight edge.
5. Take the length of floral wire and place it against the bottom portion of one of the paper petals. The wire end should hit the halfway mark on the petal.
6. Apply a horizontal line of hot glue that covers the paper on either side of the wire and a point on the wire itself.
7. Fold the petal bottom into a tight tube and apply pressure so the paper stays in place. The petal’s top portion should flare outward.
8. Apply a small, vertical line of glue at the outer bottom portion of the first petal and place another petal around that one. Continue doing this, layering the petals on top of each other, but place them so they surround the wire base and start to form the rose. You should have about a dozen petals total.
9. Gently fold the top third of each petal outward so it faces down. The petals shouldn’t have sharp, folded creases; instead, train them in outward and downward directions. You can leave three or four of the innermost petals unfolded.
10. Cut a larger leaf shape from the newspaper and crimp its bottom around the wire, well under the rose.
11. Hot glue it to the wire.
12. Allow the glue to dry and place the rose, or roses, in a vase of your choice.