Current events can be wall art too. Create a wreath from newspaper

There’s no need to go to the store in pursuit of the perfect decorative wreath when everything needed to make one exists right in the newspaper! Adding a wreath to a wall in the living room or entryway is a wonderful and simple step toward changing up interior design with the seasons. Incorporate unique style by adding some newspaper flowers to a twig-based wreath for a creative take on a decorative favorite.
Cutting circles of various sizes from a sheet of newspaper is the first step in creating a final product that comes complete with versatility. Once these circles are cut, pair them up with concentric circles of scrapbook paper or advertisement paper for a splash of color and added texture. Once the circles are stacked they begin to resemble flowers and can quickly be pinned through the middle directly into the wreath backing. Hang this creative wreath near the front door for charming visibility. Don’t be afraid to mix and swap out the scrapbook paper circles to match the season. Pinks and purples could easily be exchanged for reds and greens when the holidays arrive and will look great contrasted against the newspaper print.
-Newspaper sheets
-Colorful scrapbook paper or newspaper advertisements
-Elmer’s clear glue stick
-Twig wreath, 12” in diameter
-Pushpins (6)
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut a newspaper in half, and then cut the half into equal thirds.
2. Cut the newspaper thirds into three sets of identical squares so there are several smaller pieces of newspaper to work with.
3. Cut larger circles from one set of newspaper squares, medium-sized circles from the second and small circles from the third set.
4. Place a large newspaper circle on a flat working surface and a small newspaper circle on top. Sandwich a medium-sized colorful circle cut from scrapbook paper or a newspaper advertisement between the two to create concentric circles that resemble a flower. Glue the three circles together to secure them in place.
5. Create five additional newspaper circle stacks, mixing and matching sizes and colors of paper for eye-catching variety.
6. Place a 12” twig wreath on a flat working surface.
7. Push an index finger into the center of one of the newspaper circle stacks so the edges pop up slightly.
8. Press a pushpin through the center of the stack and directly into the bottom of the twig wreath.
9. Continue pinning the newspaper flowers to the bottom of the wreath in a pattern that’s pleasing.
10. Hang the wreath on a white wall so the newspaper print and colorful paper really pop when displayed.