Don't toss out old jewelry. Try these nifty DIYs instead

Have you ever had an old or broken necklace, brooch or another piece of jewelry that you just couldn't part with? You're not alone. Creating these DIYs will allow you to take an old piece of jewelry and make it functional again so you can hold on to the beautiful item while still finding a use for it.
Old jewelry can offer a literal treasure trove for crafty individuals. You should not have to throw out an item that once gave you joy just because you no longer can or want to wear it as it is. Use broken, unused or out-of-date jewelry to dress up a bookmark, bejewel a planter or even turn one piece you can no longer use into a new item you can!
How to make a brooch ribbon necklace
Jewelry that you do not normally use can often be repurposed into something you will. Take, for instance, this beautiful choker necklace. It utilizes a lovely brooch, something younger generations usually don't have much use for, and turns it into a pretty and personalized necklace. All you need is a little ribbon and a necklace clamp. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a ribbon charm bookmark with old jewelry
Do you have a necklace with a broken charm? This is a great craft for adorable charms without a home: simply adorn the ends of a ribbon with a charm and now you've got a lovely bookmark. Thanks to the charm's weight, it is hard for these markers to fall out, helping you keep your place. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a ring with old jewelry
If you've never much liked wearing brooches — or you're the sad owner of a broken one — you can easily upcycle yours into a ring, making it more functional and more likely to get worn. Use it to dress up an otherwise casual outfit or wear it to the office where it's sure to turn a few heads. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a jeweled planter with old jewelry
A typical, boring planter can get a touch of pizazz if you use an old necklace to glam it up! With just a few minor adjustments to the jewelry itself, you can simply hot glue the item to your planter and create a pot that is both glitzy and earthy. Keep this bejeweled planter beside your bed, in your living room or on your patio. Get the tutorial here.
How to make brooch drawer pulls
If you have two old brooches that match or several that will look good together, you can remove the hardware from their backs and create lovely drawer pulls. This craft is easy, fun and can make any cabinet, chest of drawers or desk look more exciting and more ornate. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a jeweled mirror with old jewelry
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it helps if your mirror looks good too! This DIY requires a few of the same necklaces, which you can easily buy from a sale rack at a department store. Then all you need to do is cut the necklaces with needle nose pliers and glue them to the edge of a mirror, making a perfect vanity that's as inexpensive as it is lovely. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a brooch bouquet
Have you been looking for something to take a bouquet of silk flowers to the next level? Why not use a few old brooches to give it an extra sparkle? Jewelry featuring bees, flowers and the like look beautiful in a bouquet, and you can easily add them in by attaching them to long pieces of floral wire that act as stems. Get the tutorial here.
Among these beautiful DIYs, you must be able to find something that will give your old jewelry new life, so next time you're thinking about throwing a once-cherished piece in the garbage, find some way you can use it and love it again!

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