Give that scuffed-up skateboard a second life as a shelf

Ever think about how you could repurpose a skateboard? If you haven’t yet, it’s definitely worth considering. Even if you don’t happen to have a teen who’s obsessed with the latest “sick” skating trick, you can get an affordable board at many stores.
The niftiest thing about this project is the way the skateboard is oriented. You paint the top surface in a color of your choice. Because the bottom of a board often has a trendy or colorful graphic printed on it, the shelf looks high style no matter what your vantage point is. Your first thought about this DIY might be that it would work best in a child or teen’s bedroom, but its casual flair makes it right for a family room, entryway or enclosed porch, too.
- Skateboard
- Electric drill
- Impact driver
- Bottle of chalk paint
- Sponge-tipped paintbrush
- Two shelf-mounting brackets
- Yellow highlighter
DIY Everywhere
1. Place the skateboard on its side on your work surface.
2. Use the drill on the skateboard’s top side to unscrew the screws on each of the two sets of wheels.
3. Remove the lug nuts from the bottom of the board with the impact driver.
4. Remove the wheels and wheel hardware from the bottom of the board.
5. Flip the skateboard so the top is facing toward you and apply a coat of the chalk paint to it with the brush.
6. Allow the paint to dry.
7. Flip the board over again. Place the slightly shorter arm of each bracket on either end of the bottom, unpainted side of the skateboard.
8. Mark dots on the board with the highlighter that align with where the brackets’ screw holes are located.
9. Drill holes into the board where the highlighter marks are. Brush away any sawdust with your hand.
9. Place the brackets on the board above the drilled holes. Screw each of the brackets securely into the bottom of the board with the drill.
10. Mount the shelf to your wall and adorn with books, collectibles or a plant.