Be green while you clean. Create a stylish storage box out of cardboard

Accent pillows and throw pillows are an easy way to make a living room or bedroom feel cozier, but what if you want to set them aside? Instead of tossing them into a corner and creating more clutter, stow them in a stylish storage box. This box made from cardboard and scrapbook paper is a budget-friendly and eco-friendly alternative to buying ready-made storage containers.
This storage box takes cardboard bound for the recycling bin and gives it a new purpose. To further reduce waste and purchases, take a look around the house for any decorative paper you already have before rushing out to the hobby shop to buy scrapbook paper. Wrapping paper, scrap fabric or even a collage of old photos are all beautiful and personal ways to decorate this storage box.
- Scrapbook or other decorative paper, four pieces
- Cardboard, four pieces the same height and width as the scrapbook paper
- Square cardboard base piece, the same width as the scrapbook paper
- E6000 glue
- Painter's tape
- Glue stick
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1. Glue the short edge of a side piece of cardboard to the base piece using the E6000 glue. Hold the pieces at a 90-degree angle with a piece of painter's tape while the glue sets.
2. Put a line of glue on one vertical edge of the side piece, and then along the adjacent edge of the base piece. Place a second side piece next to the first. Repeat until you've glued all the side pieces to the base. You should now have a box with five sides. Allow the glue to cure. This may take E6000 glue between 24 and 72 hours.
3. Use a glue stick to glue a piece of scrapbook paper to one side of the box. Apply the glue liberally. Repeat until there is scrapbook paper on all four sides of the box.
4. Fill the completed box with throw blankets, pillows or other home accessories.

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