Make a clock with a skateboard

Remember the skateboard you were riding that time you nearly broke a limb? A skateboard like that represents memories of people, places and experiences. You couldn't possibly part with it, and you don't have to.
Rather than leave an old skateboard in a closet or under the bed collecting dust, transform it into a functional piece of decor. Remove the wheels, attach a clock movement mechanism kit in their place, and mount your old skateboard deck to a wall. Proudly show off the scuffs, chips and cracks on the vintage board that left you with bumps, bruises and plenty of stories to tell friends.
- Cordless drill
- Impact wrench or ratchet
- Wood ruler
- Pencil
- Drill bit
- Clock movement mechanism kit
- Skateboard deck wall mount system
- Wrench
- Screwdriver
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1. Remove the screws holding the wheels in place with the drill and use the ratchet to remove the nuts underneath. Set aside the wheels.
2. Lay the skateboard down, exposing the top emblem or logo.
3. Place a wood ruler across the widest part of the board and measure the width.
4. Divide the measurement from the previous step in half; mark the middle of the board with a pencil.
5. Use the pencil mark made in the previous step as a guide. Drill a hole through the center of the board.
6. Work from the back of the skateboard. Place a rubber washer from the clock movement mechanism kit over the shaft of the clock movement mechanism.
7. Slip the shaft of the clock movement mechanism through the hole made in step 6. The shaft should now protrude through the front of the board.
8. Place the washer and nut from the clock movement mechanism kit over the shaft. Tighten the nut with a wrench.
9. Place the hands of the clock on the shaft in the following order: hour hand, minute hand, second hand.
10. Align the holes on the skateboard deck wall mounting system with the eight holes in the skateboard.
11. Insert a screw, supplied with the mounting kit, through the top of each hole. Manually tighten each screw with a screwdriver.
12. Secure the skateboard to a wall using the directions that came with the wall mounting system.

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