Keep an iPad creatively covered with a DIY case made from cardboard

iPads are everywhere, but they still haven’t made it into a category most would consider budget-friendly. For this reason and the simple fact that they make everyday life easier, keeping your iPad covered when you're out and about is important.
Although you can purchase a pricey iPad cover, there’s no reason not to glam up an iPad with a custom DIY case constructed from cardboard and fabric. This simple approach allows you to mix and match colors and patterns that are easy to switch up with just a little hot glue. Using a ribbon to keep the case in place is a fun way to display your style, too. This cardboard iPad case not only protects the device from germs but also guards the screen when it’s being transported in a purse or bag.
- Two 8 ½-inch-by-11-inch cardboard rectangles
- Two 14-inch-by-14-inch swatches of decorative fabric
- Scissors
- Hot-glue gun
- Two 8.5-inch-by-11-inch pieces of orange construction paper
- Orange ribbon, 2 inches wide
- Yellow ribbon, 2 inches wide
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a cardboard rectangle on a flat working surface.
2. Cut a large swatch of decorative fabric down to 14 inches by 14 inches, and center it on top of the cardboard.
3. Flip the cardboard and fabric upside down. Cut the edges of the fabric so that 1 inch extends beyond each of the cardboard edges.
4. Fold each fabric side up and over the cardboard. Attach securely with hot glue.
5. Line the fabric edges with hot glue, and press a piece of orange construction paper to the cardboard as an interior lining panel.
6. Create a second fabric-wrapped cardboard cover to match the first.
7. Cut a length of orange ribbon to 11 inches.
8. Apply a line of hot glue along the long edge of one cardboard cover on the side with the construction paper.
9. Press half of the ribbon to the glue, allowing the other half to spill over the edge of the cardboard.
10. Place the second cardboard cover next to the first with the construction paper facing up and the ribbon covering the center seams of both covers.
11. Apply a line of hot glue down the second cardboard's long edge. Press the remaining ribbon to the edge to attach the two covers like a book.
12. Place an iPad between the two covers. Tie a 2-inch-by-24-inch yellow ribbon around the covers and into a charming bow on top.

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