Mom picked up an old skateboard, turned it into brand new furniture

Pull up a seat and reminisce about the time you almost pulled off that Caballerial flip. Better yet, why not create a seat out of the skateboard that you actually used to attempt that crazy stunt? You'll fall hard for this bench fashioned from two skateboards. The instructions are fairly simple, and the materials are relatively cheap.
Upon completing this project, you may opt to fill the mounting holes on both skateboards with 16 bolts and nuts for aesthetic purposes. If you choose not to fill the holes with bolts, it will not affect the safety of the skateboard chair. The bolts are used simply to plug the extra holes on the boards. When choosing legs for the chair, note that tapered legs come in a variety of sizes; select legs that are 15 to 16 inches in length.
- 2 skateboards
- Cordless drill
- Ratchet
- Pencil or marker
- 2 wall-mounted bench support brackets
- Drill bit
- 4 straight top plates
- Small screws
- 16 bolts and nuts
- 4 wood round taper legs with hanger bolts
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1. Remove the screws holding the wheels in place on both skateboards with the drill. Use a ratchet to remove the nuts underneath. Set aside the wheels.
2. Lay one skateboard down, exposing the deck (underside) of the board.
3. Working from the right side of the skateboard, attach the shorter side of the bracket to the deck. Line up the bracket so it's centered with existing mounting holes. Place the pencil in the hole of the bracket to mark the board.
4. Predrill a hole with the drill bit, using the mark made in the previous step as a guide.
5. Line up the hole in the bracket with the mark on the board. Insert a screw that came with the bracket into the hole. Use the drill to secure the bracket to the board.
6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 to attach the second bracket to the left side of the skateboard.
7. Lay the second skateboard flat, exposing the underside.
8. Line up the brackets⁠ that you attached to the first skateboard⁠ so they're centered with existing mounting holes on the second skateboard. Slide the brackets down approximately 1 inch below the holes. Mark the small holes in the brackets on the board.
9. Predrill two holes with the drill bit, using the marks made in the previous step as a guide.
10. Secure the brackets to the board with the screws that came with the brackets. The top of the bench is now assembled.
11. Flip the bench over to secure the straight top plates. You are now working on the bottom of the seat, which will hold the legs.
12. Beginning on the right side, place one straight top plate directly above the bracket on the seat of the bench. Ensure that the wider part of the straight top plate is positioned at the top of the plate. Mark it with a pencil.
13. Place a second straight top plate directly above the first plate. This time, ensure the wider part of the straight top plate is positioned at the bottom of the plate, and mark it.
14. Repeat steps 12 and 13 on the left side, then use a drill bit to drill eight holes into the board.
15. Line up the plates with the holes, in the positions outlined in previous steps. Attach all four straight top plates with small screws.
16. Place 16 bolts through the 16 mounting holes that once held the wheels in place on both skateboards. Place a nut of the back of each bolt, and tighten the bolts. (The bolts are for aesthetic purposes only.)
17. Twist all four tapered legs into the plates. Ensure the legs are tight.
18. Flip the bench over, and place it in a location for guests to enjoy.
DIY Everywhere

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