Do away with photo frames. Make this whimsical photo hanger with napkins instead

Hanging up photos instantly makes any room feel homier. Putting up multiple picture frames, on the other hand, can be a tedious process that leaves small, unsightly holes in the wall. It can also be a chore to find frames that match existing decor and to fit oddly sized photos, such as Polaroids. This photo display made from a wooden hanger takes most of the fuss out of hanging photos and also looks prettier than a conventional frame.
By making a photo display from a hanger, you’ll have to put only one adhesive hook on the wall instead of several nail holes. The napkin and Mod Podge decorating technique also gives you the freedom to choose the color or design of the hanger. Spiraled wire adds both a whimsical touch and a quick way to change out your photos. The next time you want to switch things up, all you have to do is slide a new photo into the wire.
- Wooden hanger
- Floral napkins
- Mod Podge
- Foam brush
- Scissors
- Decorative wire
- Wire cutters
- Needle-nose pliers
DIY Everywhere
1. Peel the plain white layer away from the printed layer of a floral napkin. Discard the white layer, and set aside the printed layer.
2. Set a wooden hanger on a work surface. Paint one end of the hanger with Mod Podge. Place the floral napkin on the Mod Podge, wrapping the napkin around the hanger and applying more Mod Podge as needed. Trim away the excess napkin with scissors. Apply Mod Podge under and on top of any loose edges.
3. Repeat step 2 until all the wood on the hanger is covered with the floral print. Paint a final layer of Mod Podge on top of the entire hanger. Allow it to dry.
4. Cut a piece of decorative wire about 1 foot long. Use the needle-nose pliers to form a spiral in one end of the wire. Wrap the other end of the wire twice around the hanger, and secure it down with the pliers. This makes one photo holder.
5. Repeat step 4 until there are four photo holders on the hanger.
6. Place an adhesive hook on the wall. Put the hanger on the hook. Slide a photo into each wire spiral.