Quick and easy wood slice magnet DIY beautifully combines form and function

Cute and clever refrigerator magnets abound but are usually pricey. Still, they add a touch of personality to your kitchen while serving a practical purpose, whether it’s keeping concert tickets in one place until showtime, corralling coupons, or organizing recipes ripped from magazines.
This DIY is so easy and quick you could make a half dozen magnets in an hour. Their special ingredient is pre-cut wood slices, which give them them a delightfully rustic vibe. The fun is picking the images, whether they’re different parts of a wallpaper pattern or a repeating theme on a sheet of decorative shelf liner such as Contact Paper. Make a set that’s uniformly elegant by using just one image on all of the magnets, or mix shapes and colors up. You could even choose different images for each magnet, but pick a theme like gardening or food. The simple elegance of the wood slice base is both unexpected and appealing.
- Wallpaper remnant or any sturdy paper with an image on it
- Small pre-cut natural wood slice, about 3 1/2 inches in diameter
- Scissors
- Small fine art paintbrush
- Mod Podge
- Kitchen sponge
- Paper towel
- Gorilla super glue gel
- Small magnetic disc with a circular depression in the center
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1. Lay the wallpaper remnant or printed image on the work surface and place the wood slice directly on top of it.
2. Trace the outline of the wood slice so that when it is taken away, the image will be in the middle of the traced outline.
3. Using the scissors, cut out the image using the traced area as a rough guide.
4. Apply Mod Podge with the paintbrush onto the printed side of the paper.
5. Place the side of the paper you have applied the Mod Podge to directly on the wood slice. The white backside of the paper will be exposed.
6. Apply pressure and make sure the paper is really flattened onto the wood disk.
7. Take the sponge and gently rub it all over the paper. As you do this, the white backing paper will come off in tiny pieces, but the image will be imprinted on the wood slice.
8. Gently wipe away any remaining bits of white paper that are on the wood slice with your hand and then give the slice a quick wipe all around with a paper towel.
9. Apply another coat of Mod Podge over the image on the wood slice. Allow it to dry.
10. Apply a drop of Gorilla super glue gel in the small circular depression in the center of the magnetic disc.
11. Affix the side of the magnet with the glue on it to the center of the plain side of the wood slice. Allow the glue to dry.
12. Your wood slice fridge magnet is now ready to be used.