Add big impact with wall art made from a wood slice

A piece of simple wall art can enhance a room's beauty without being ostentatious. Consider using a wood slice as an excellent canvas for whatever design you want. It adds interest and flair to almost any room, whether rustic or modern. In a rustic home, this wall art enhances your style with a gentle touch, while in a sleek, modern room, the wood stands out as a counterpoint piece.
This tutorial uses a leaf stencil for the design, but you can use any desired stencil or even design the wood slice freehand. If you have a favorite saying, draw a small picture to enhance the words. A wood-burning kit makes this craft an easy project.
- Slice of dry wood, at least 6 inches in diameter
- Painter's tape
- Pencil
- Leaf stencil
- Ruler
- Wood-burning kit
DIY Everywhere
1. Place the leaf stencil in the center of the wood slice. Tape down the stencil.
2. Trace the stencil with a pencil. Remove the stencil and tape. Use the ruler to draw a horizontal, straight line 2 inches from the bottom of the wood. Write any desired words on the wood. Erase the straight line.
3. Use the angled chisel tip on the wood burner to trace over the words and stencil. Use the flat edge of the tip to create burn marks if you want to add shading.
4. Hang wherever you desire, or display your creation on a plate stand.