Create a decorative sculpture with nothing more than wire and rock

Adding a little bit of abstract art can go a long way towards creating a sense of personalized style in any room of the home. Create a one of a kind sculpture with materials found right in the backyard. Combining stones and copper wire is all it takes to make a work of art that’s rustic and eye-catching.
This combination design takes the best of what’s natural and synthetic to result in a work of art that’s simple yet looks intricate. A rock and wire sculpture is well-suited for the top of a stack of books or next to a lantern for an interesting take on light and texture. You could also use this sculpture as a paperweight for desk documents in a home office. Pick the stones up from outdoors and get wire-wrapping to complete this DIY project that takes no more than five minutes of time.
-18 gauge copper wire
-Wire cutters
-10 gray stones
DIY Everywhere
1. Wrap five even loops of 18 gauge copper wire around a hand from the spool before cutting away at the end with wire cutters.
2. Wrap the copper loops around each other to create the look of a circling atom. Make sure the sides are evenly spaced and there’s ample open space in the middle of the wire.
3. Wrap one end of the copper wire around the top center point of the loops with pliers to keep all of the loops connected at a single point.
4. Fill the copper wire loops with a collection of ten gray stones.
5. Wrap the remaining end of the copper wire around the bottom center point with pliers to keep the wire secure and the interior stones in place.
6. Place the wire-wrapped rock sculpture on top of a stack of books to highlight and proudly display.