It's only natural: Magically transform a log slice into a unique hanging planter

This simple planter DIY hearkens back to the 1970s and the groovy macramé planter hangers that were all the rage. Our updated take switches the rope out for yarn, while the planter itself is fashioned from a log slice.
The look is a stylish boho-meets-rustic mix. The neutral wood of the hanging planter will complement any color scheme, and you can choose one or a few colors of yarn to match your mood or color scheme. This accent is sure to spruce up an entryway, brighten a bedroom, or perk up a porch. Happy knotting!
Log slice, about 6 inches high
4 pieces of thick yarn, about 24 inches long each
Small metal ring
Blue painter’s tape
Sharpie marker
Heavy duty work gloves
Electric drill
Forstner drill bit
1 or 2 cups of potting soil
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1. Lay your log slice flat on the work surface.
2. Thread the yarn ends through the metal ring.
3. Make sure that the metal ring is at the midpoint of the yarn lengths.
4. Take the ring and tie a knot using all the pieces of yarn together. The knot should be positioned just under the ring. Now there will be eight lengths of yarn originating at the knot.
5. . Lay the yarn flat on the work surface, and tape the pieces down at the middle section between the knot and the yarn ends.
6. Tie four separate knots with each set of the four pair of yarn pieces. Make sure the knots are right under the tape.
7. Leave the two single yarn strands at the outer ends of the groupings untied but tie three more knots using the three pair of yarn pieces in between them.
8. Now tie a knot with the leftover, outer yarn pieces. That knot will lay on top of the three centrally placed knots.
9. Tie one more knot using all the yarn below the smaller knots you’ve just tied. This knot will be larger and should be tied very close to the ends of the yarn pieces. There will be about a ½ inch of yarn fringe below this knot that will form a tassel.
10. Measure the horizontal diameter of the log slice's flat top with your ruler. Use the marker to place a dot at its midpoint.
11. Repeat step 11 but measure the log slice’s vertical diameter.
12. Put on your heavy duty work gloves.
13. Using the center marked dot as a guide, drill a hole with the Forstner bit that’s an inch or two smaller in diameter than your log slice. You will now have a deeper circular opening cut into the center of your log slice.
14. Brush away any sawdust that the drilling produced.
15. Flip the log slice over and drape your yarn hanger over it, with the larger bottom knot in the center.
16. Flip the log slice right side up again and move the yarn aside so you can place soil in the drilled hole with the trowel.
17. Place a small succulent or plant in the soil. Add a bit more soil and tamp it down a bit with the trowel so the plant is snug and secure in the planter.
18. Brush away any excess soil.
19. Hang and enjoy your planter!