This DIY branch jewelry holder goes out on a limb to hold baubles

Having trouble finding an artful jewelry holder that would look beautiful in a bedroom? Store-bought organizers either don’t hold all types of jewelry, don’t suit your style or both. This holder made with branches epitomizes countryside chic, can store every type of jewelry and costs less than something ready-made. You can also assemble it in minutes, so you can make one for yourself and one for a friend.
There are several ways to make the most of this jewelry holder. Hang rings or bracelets from the branches that extend over the edge of the board. Tie jewelry with leather or fabric cord from the middle of the board or pull the necklace behind a branch and thread the pendant through the loop. Earrings with fish hooks, latch backs or lever backs can slide over a branch and rest snuggly against the board.
- Rectangular wood board
- Slender branches, at least 4
- Gold paint pen
- High-temperature glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
- Twine
- Scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. Arrange the number of branches desired on top of the rectangular board. Four branches fit the board in this project. Get an idea for how you'd like the completed holder to look before continuing to the next step.
2. Remove the branches. Draw a decorative line around the edge of the board with the gold paint pen. Allow it to dry.
3. Place the branches back on the board in the desired arrangement. Glue down each branch with two drops of hot glue, one at each place where the branch meets the edge of the board. Allow it to dry.
4. Wrap twine over the branches and around the board at one end of the holder. After wrapping the twine two or three times, pull enough twine from the skein to make a hanger and to wrap the other end of the board two or three times. Cut the twine.
5. Turn the holder upside down. Take the end of the twine that you began wrapping the board with and tie it in a knot around the rest of the wrapped twine.
6. Turn the holder right side up. Take the free end of the twine and slip it underneath the wrapped twine along the top edge of the board. Pass the end of the twine through the loop and pull taut to make a knot.
7. Leave a length of twine long enough to serve as a hanger. Wrap the rest around the other end of the board three times. Take the free end of the twine and tie it in a knot around the twine along the top edge of the board.
8. Hang on the wall, display your jewelry and enjoy!

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