This DIY planter is so dazzling, you’ll forget it’s made with old jewelry

Looking for a way to decorate a planter that’s sure to inspire smiles and compliments? This planter designed with old jewelry not only sparkles but wows admirers with its uniqueness and charm. Several necklaces hung around the top edge of the planter add color and texture, while the dangling chains give an unusual touch of movement. Use whatever old jewelry you have on hand to make this stunning, one-of-a-kind planter.
This project uses several necklaces with the same design to encircle the planter. That doesn’t mean you can’t use several kinds of vintage jewelry to create a planter to suit your own taste. Experiment with arranging the necklaces in different patterns for an eclectic look that makes use of upcycled materials you have on hand. What’s important is that the final design fits your personal style and doesn’t break the bank.
- Planter
- Liquid gold leaf
- Paintbrush
- Old necklaces
- Needle-nose pliers, 2 pairs
- High temp glue gun
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1. Paint the top edge of the planter with liquid gold leaf. Allow it to dry.
2. Set two necklaces next to each other. With the pliers, unhook the chain from the pendant on the right side of the first necklace.
3. Open a link where the chain meets the pendant on the left side of the second necklace. Slide a link from the right side of the first necklace on to the open link. Close the link.
4. Undo the clasp on the second necklace and pull the left side of the chain down below the link joining both necklaces.
5. Set out a third necklace. Remove the chain from both sides of the pendant. Attach the left side of the third necklace to the right side of the second as you did in step 3.
6. Pull the chain on the right side of the second necklace down below the link joining the third and second necklace.
7. Continue adding necklaces in this way as needed until you have a strand of pendants that’s long enough to go around the planter's circumference. You may need to remove part of the pendant from the final necklace to get the strand to fit.
8. Put a dot of hot glue on the top edge of the planter. Place the left side of the first necklace on the glue. Repeat for the right side of the necklace. Make sure the chain between the first and second necklace is hanging down along the side of the planter.
9. Repeat step 8 for each necklace until you've glued the entire strand to the planter.
10. Use the pliers to attach the links at either end of the strand and complete the circle.
11. Remove links from the hanging chains as needed so that the chains are the same length as the height of the planter.