These brooch drawer pulls are cheaper and more charming than store-bought pulls

Switching out your drawer pulls is one of the quickest and most eye-catching ways to give an old cabinet or dresser a face-lift. Distinctive drawer pulls can add color, texture and character to an otherwise plain piece of furniture. While many high-end home goods stores sell unique drawer pulls, buying a complete set for a project can get pricey. Instead, consider making one-of-a-kind pulls using brooches for a fraction of the cost.
These drawer pulls made with blue, flower-shaped brooches elevate a bland cabinet into a quirky head-turner that anchors the corner of a room. You don't have to use flower-shaped brooches, of course. Shop around for your favorite style that will add a pop of color and offbeat charm. To save even more money, search flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales for vintage brooches rather than buying them brand new.
- Brooch
- Drawer pull with a flat surface
- Wire cutters
- Sandpaper
- E6000 glue
DIY Everywhere
1. Use wire cutters to remove the pin from the back of a brooch.
2. Sand the rough edges left from the pin's removal.
3. Cover the flat surface of a drawer pull with E6000 glue and adhere it to the back of the brooch. Consult the package for drying instructions — E6000 glue usually takes between 24 and 72 hours to cure.
4. Replace the old drawer pull with the new pull. Repeat steps 1 through 4 as needed.