Arrange an unforgettable bouquet. Add brooches for a touch of sparkle and personality

Planning a bohemian wedding on a budget? This bouquet made of brooches and faux chrysanthemums is charming, economical and completely customizable. Putting brooches in a bouquet not only adds an interesting visual element, but also a touch of sparkle that's sure to catch eyes and turn heads. As a bonus, a brooch from a loved one can count as a "something borrowed," while the chrysanthemums count as "something blue."
This playful bouquet would brighten a table as a centerpiece for any occasion, not just a wedding. Make this arrangement in advance so that on the day of the big event, you won't need to fuss with picking up fresh blooms from the florist. That means less time spent worrying about logistics and more time enjoying the party.
- Brooches, 7
- Faux chrysanthemums in shades of blue, 18
- Floral wire
- Wire cutters
- Needle-nose pliers
- Rubber band
- Burlap ribbon, 3 inches wide
- High temp glue gun
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a brooch upside down on your work surface. Cut a piece of floral wire about 1 foot long. Loop one end of the wire behind the pin on the brooch. Use the needle-nose pliers to twist the wire around itself and hold the brooch in place. The wire and brooch should now resemble a stem and flower. Repeat for all seven brooches.
2. Tie nine faux chrysanthemums together with a rubber band around the stems.
3. Add two or three brooches to the bouquet by sliding the floral wire through the rubber band. Arrange the brooches as desired.
4. Add the remaining chrysanthemums to the bouquet by sliding the stems through the rubber band. Arrange the flowers as desired.
5. Add the remaining brooches to the bouquet as in step 4.
6. Hide the rubber band by wrapping a piece of burlap ribbon around it. Secure it in place with a line of hot glue and allow it to dry.
7. Trim the stems of the bouquet as needed with wire cutters.