Create a coat rack with a log slice to stay warm and organized in rustic style

As the season transitions from summer into fall, having a coat rack easily accessible at the front door is a good way to remember that jacket that just might be needed when heading outside. A simple coat rack mounted on the wall is a great way to keep fall apparel organized and provides the potential for incorporating some personalized style into the room as well. While there are always plenty of coat rack options available for purchase at the store, it doesn’t take much time at all to create a one-of-a-kind version right at home using hooks, some paint, and a log slice.
Using a log slice to create a DIY coat rack delivers up a final product that combines the best of rustic and modern appeal. Painting one end of the log slice white gives this coat rack a sleek touch while keeping the focus on the wood’s natural texture. Adding white hooks is a nice way to draw attention to the contrast between the metal and the wood too. While a log slice coat rack can be hung on any wall in the home, mounting it on a plain white wall near the door makes it highly efficient and allows the color of the log to pop against the otherwise solid background.
-Log slice, 12 inches in length
-White coat hooks (2)
-Handheld drill
-Home Décor Chalk, Plaid
-Painter’s tape
-12-inch-by-12-inch sheet of scrapbooking paper
-Screws (4)
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a log slice 12-inch log on a flat working surface with the bark side facing up.
2. Position two white coat hooks on the log slice near the center, and mark the four attachment points with a Sharpie.
3. Drill a shallow hole through each of the four Sharpie markings.
4. Wrap a length of painter’s tape around the left side of the log slice 3 inches from the edge.
5. Place the end of the log slice that’s wrapped with tape on top of a 12-inch-by-12-inch sheet of scrapbooking paper to protect the surface below.
6. Paint the surface of the log between the painter’s tape and the edge using Home Décor Chalk in Plaid. Make sure the log’s top surface and left end are completely covered before removing the painter’s tape.
7. Attach the two hooks to the log slice using four screws and the handheld drill to secure each in place.
8. Mount the log slice coat rack on a white wall near the front door to keep coats close and allow the natural wood to really pop.

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