Get your glow on and revamp roller skates with black light fabric paint

Roller skating has long been a thrilling pastime that brings family and friends together. Gathering at the rink for some exciting and sometimes challenging athletic fun is a great way to improve balance, enjoy great company and show off those hard-earned skills as well. While a traditional pair of roller skates will do the trick when it comes to relishing time at the rink, many of these experiences include time spent skating under UV lights. When black light roller skating is a highly anticipated portion of time spent at the roller rink, there’s a quick and easy way to give skates an upgrade to match the level of fun.
UV light paint, often referred to as black light paint, can be applied in just minutes to skates to give them an appealing glow when the bulbs turn black and the UV lights come on. Printing out a stencil in a preferred shape or design is a great way to give skates a personalized touch. Once you have stenciled the design onto the skate, you can fill it in with glow-in-the-dark paint that ensures all eyes will be on those fancy foot moves on the floor. Consider adding a lightning bolt for a bold final look that speaks (and glows) for itself.
-Printer and paper
-A pair of black roller skates
-White oil pencil
-Painter’s tape
-White acrylic paint
-Small glass bowl
-Thin-tipped paintbrush
-Flat-tipped paintbrush
-Neon Nights UV fabric paint in black light
DIY Everywhere
1. Print off a picture of a lightning bolt or other preferred design to use as a stencil.
2. Cut the design from the paper.
3. Lay a roller skate flat on a table and position the stencil near the top edge of the skate where the foot is inserted. Make sure the stencil is on the outside of the skate so it shows when the skate is worn.
4. Trace the paper stencil onto the skate with a white oil pencil.
5. Remove the paper stencil and outline the white tracing using painter’s tape.
6. Fill a small glass bowl with white acrylic paint and use a thin-tipped paintbrush to outline the tracing on the skate.
7. Fill the design in once it’s outlined with white acrylic paint using a larger flat-tipped paintbrush. Add as many coats as are required to hide the color of the skate below.
8. Once the white acrylic paint is dry, outline the design with Neon Nights UV fabric paint in black light using a thin-tipped paintbrush.
9. Fill in the design with UV fabric paint using a larger, flat-tipped paintbrush. Add several coats to ensure maximum glow. Remove the painter’s tape once the skate is dry.
10. Repeat this process on the outside of the second skate to add a matching design.
11. Wear the skates under black lights at the rink for a glowing effect that’s sure to be stunning!