Organize jewelry on a rustic holder crafted from a log slice

Looking for a jewelry holder to complement your rustic sense of style? Store-bought jewelry holders made out of metal can be more of an eyesore than an accent piece. Instead, make this striking holder out of a log slice and cup hooks. An inexpensive woodburning tool from the craft shop makes it easy to etch a customizable design that highlights the natural beauty of the wood.
A log slice is an ideal base for this project because of the colors and textures it effortlessly brings to the finished holder. Juniper and yew log slices have vibrant rings, while wood like birch offers unusual bark that pairs well with minimalist decor. Search an online marketplace or hobby store for a log slice that speaks to your style aesthetic, then add a personal touch with stencils of your choice.
- Log slice
- Antlers stencil
- Flower stencils
- Pencil
- Painter’s tape
- Straight ruler
- Woodburning tool
- Angled woodburning tip
- Safety gloves
- Electric drill
- Drill bit
- Cup hooks, four
- Picture-hanging strips
DIY Everywhere
1. Place the log slice on a table or work surface. Position the antlers stencil near the top and center of the slice.
2. Use a straight ruler to mark four dots beneath the stencil with 1 inch of space between them.
3. Tape down the stencil. With a pencil, outline the antlers onto the slice. Remove the tape and stencil.
4. Use the flower stencils to draw flowers around the antlers as desired.
5. When the design looks the way you want it to, begin going over the sketch with the woodburning tool and angled tip. Remember to wear safety gloves when handling the tool.
6. After you’ve finished outlining your sketch with the tool, drill guide holes into the four spots you marked in step 2.
7. Screw a cup hook into each guide hole.
8. Use adhesive picture-hanging strips to quickly hang the jewelry holder on the wall without nails or screws. Enjoy!