Quickly and easily roll greenery around the home on a log slice plant stand

Greenery placed around the home is a great way to incorporate color and natural appeal into the aesthetic of any room. What’s not always as convenient is having to lift and move potted plants from place to place as décor is changed up. Instead of stressing over the perfect placement of a plant, take a little time to create a rolling plant stand out of a single log slice. Not only does this DIY project make moving plants around easy, but it also combines natural and synthetic materials that provide some eye-catching contrast.
Four well-placed wheels attached underneath the log slice are all it takes to turn this nature-made material into a mobile plant stand. Adding a few racing stripes of paint along the top incorporates a pop of color. Consider matching the paint stripes to the hue of the wheels for a vibrant and color-coordinated final product. Simply place a potted plant on the log slice once the decoration is complete, and roll it underneath a living room, kitchen or bedroom window for guaranteed access to light.
-Log slice, 12 inches in length and 3 inches deep
-Sanding block
-Large household paintbrush
-Red rolling wheels (4)
-Handheld drill
-Screws (16)
-Painter’s tape
-Home Décor Chalk, Red
-Small glass bowl (2)
-Small paintbrush (2)
-Home Décor Chalk, Plaid
-Potted plant
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a log slice on a flat working surface.
2. Sand the top of the log slice smooth, and sweep away excess wood material with a large household paintbrush.
3. Position four red rolling wheels on the log slice. Make sure the wheels are evenly spaced apart with two on one side and two on the opposite side.
4. Mark the four screw-attachment points of each of the rolling wheel mechanisms with a Sharpie.
5. Remove the rolling wheels, and drill a shallow hole through each of the Sharpie marks on the log slice.
6. Replace the rolling wheels and secure all four screws into each mechanism with a handheld drill using the shallow holes as guides.
7. Flip the log slice right side up so the wheels are on the ground.
8. Stretch a length of painter’s tape across the bottom of the log slice leaving approximately 2 inches of space between the tape and the log edge.
9. Stretch a second length of painter’s tape above the first leaving 1 inch of space between the two lengths.
10. Fill a small glass bowl with red Home Décor Chalk, and paint the space between the painter’s tape stripes using a small paintbrush.
11. Remove the painter’s tape and allow the thick red line to dry.
12. Once the line is dry, cover it entirely with a new length of painter’s tape, and place a second length above the first leaving only half an inch of space to be painted.
13. Paint a second thin red line between the two lengths of painter’s tape, and remove the tape once it’s complete.
14. Repeat the process for a third thin line positioned below the center red line on the log slice.
15. When the three red stripes are dry, fill a small glass bowl with Plaid Home Décor Chalk, and use a paintbrush to cover the entire top surface of the log slice for added design and texture.
16. Wipe away excess Plaid Home Décor Chalk using a cloth until the desired look has been achieved.
17. Place a potted plant on the rolling plant stand, and position it under a window for maximum access to light and a great natural look in the home.