Forget watering: Design a flower arrangement with buttons instead

A bouquet of daisies is a lovely way to spruce up an end table with springtime charm or really, to brighten any space in your home. However, as with all flowers, daisies have an expiration date, and it can be tricky to keep refreshing the vase with fresh flowers every time they wilt. To keep the spring vibe alive without the hassle of watering and replacing your bouquets, faux flowers are the way to go.
Create a personalized flower arrangement that’s sure to inspire when you add decorative buttons to the center of faux daisy heads. It doesn’t take long to plant those buttons, and once you've bundled the flower stems together, the result is a delightful combination of color, texture and customized style. Showcase your button flower bouquet by placing it on a coffee table in the living room, the dining room table or an office desk. We feature a daisy arrangement here, but you could choose other types of flowers to top off with charming buttons.
-Bouquet of faux daisies (15 floral heads)
-Small decorative buttons (15)
-Hot glue gun
-Green stem wire
-Wire cutters
-Small vase
DIY Everywhere
1. Remove the heads of 15 faux daisies from the stems of a larger bouquet.
2. Peel the yellow fabric center out of each daisy to expose the plastic below.
3. Apply a spot of hot glue to the yellow plastic and press a decorative round button to the center of flower head.
4. Cut 15 lengths of green stem wire to varying lengths using wire cutters.
5. Apply hot glue to the end of a wire stem and slide a single, button-topped flower head into place. Repeat for the remaining 14 wire stems and daisy heads.
6. Bundle all of the stems together and loop a length of twine around the center to keep them in place.
7. Cut the twine away from the spool and knot it in place around the stems.
8. Pull and adjust the wire stems as desired to create a bouquet that highlights the button-topped daisies.
9. Cut the ends of the stems to length before placing the bouquet in a small vase and setting it wherever you can see and admire your one-of-a-kind creation.

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