Use the rugged and natural beauty of a branch to build a towel rack

When it comes time to decorate your bathroom, forgo an uninspiring chrome towel rack and make this rustic rack with a branch instead. It adds a distinct, cozy style and can make a small bathroom seem homier. Your guests will feel like they’ve been transported to a mountainside retreat. To complete the look, pair the rack with towels in earth tones or the colors of autumn leaves.
While any type of wood will work for this rack, select a branch with smooth bark for the best results. Smooth bark will keep towels clean and won’t snag the material. Branches from a birch or hazel tree work well for this purpose and should be easy to find in an online marketplace. Finally, use picture- hanging adhesive strips for a fuss-free way to mount the rack to the wall.
- Branch
- Wood block, 2
- Gorilla wood glue
- Painter’s tape
- Leather cord
- Scissors
- Picture-hanging adhesive strips (not shown)
DIY Everywhere
1. Set the branch on a work surface. Apply glue to one side of the wood block. Glue the block to the back of the branch, near the end. Use painter’s tape to hold the block in place while the glue sets.
2. Repeat step 1 for the second block, but glue it to the opposite end of the branch. Together, the two blocks create the supports for mounting the towel rack to the wall.
3. Wrap the leather cord in an X shape around the branch where it meets the block. Wrap the cord two or three times, crisscrossing over the front of the branch and wrapping it around the back next to the block. When you’ve achieved the rustic look you want, tie off the cord and trim the end with scissors.
4. Repeat step 3 for the second block.
5. Hang the completed rack on the wall using the picture-hanging adhesive strips. Drape a towel over the branch and enjoy!