Kick back and relax with this DIY ottoman made from a laundry hamper

As perhaps one of the most underappreciated utility players of daily life, your laundry hamper isn't likely a stylish conversation piece in your home. In fact, these functional containers tend to wear out rather quickly by virtue of their usefulness. If your laundry hamper is starting to sag, or if its handles are threatening to give way beneath the weight of your clothes, don't give up on it just yet.
Instead, so long as it's still holding its shape, bring your laundry hamper center stage as an upcycled ottoman. This is an especially good option if you'd spent a great deal of time choosing a hamper to fit with your personal aesthetic, as you can now give it a second life in just a few simple steps.
- Rectangular laundry hamper with removable lid and flat sides
- Scissors
- Transparent super glue
- Painters tape
- Table top surface, such as 2 flat shale slabs
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1. Start by laying the laundry hamper on its side and removing the lid for now.
2. Cut into the handles on each side with the scissors, removing them once severed. This will leave holes on both sides of the basket.
3. Line the lid up with the open end of the hamper and carefully apply transparent super glue around the inside perimeter of the lid. Press it firmly to the end of the hamper.
4. Place strips of painters tape across the crease where the hamper and lid are glued together to hold the seam firmly as it dries.
5. Once dry, remove the painters tape and plan where you will place the two flat slabs on the top of the basket.
6. Apply super glue to the bottom of the first slab and press it to the hamper, covering the holes left from the handle. Apply glue to the bottom of the second slab, placing it directly next to the first one so they create a continuous surface on top of the hamperd.
7. Allow the super glue to dry, then place your new ottoman front and center in your living room.

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