Add eye-catching color to the garden or nursery with a mobile made from buttons

New parents will quickly recognize the benefit of a well-placed mobile when it comes to keeping little one's content. While these captivating dangling additions are sure to help create a few quiet moments, they can be just as fun to observe in the garden or on an outdoor patio. Taking time to create a one of a kind mobile out of buttons and thread is a great way to keep money in the bank while designing a keepsake that’s sure to last.
Buttons are easily accessible and the fact that they come in a variety of colors makes it simple to create a mobile that’s both stylish and bright. Give a nursery, garden or patio a pop of color year-round by mixing and matching floral buttons for a final product that’s also inspired by the spring season. Cutting thread to varying lengths adds a nice sense of dimension for the final mobile while adding a circle of white flower buttons around the top brings the finishing touch.
-Wood hoop, 8” in diameter
-White thread
-Sewing needle
-Pink, purple, blue, light blue, green, yellow and pink flower buttons (5 of each color)
-Pink, purple, blue, light blue, green, yellow and pink round shirt buttons (1 of each color)
-White flower buttons (25)
-Hot glue gun
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a wood hoop on a flat working surface.
2. Knot the end of a length of white thread around the hoop and cut away excess thread as needed.
3. Cut the opposite end of the white thread away from the spool leaving approximately 8” of thread to hang down from the hoop.
4. Thread the end of the white thread through the eye of a sewing needle.
5. Thread the needle through one center hole of a pink two-holed flower button. Thread the needle through the second hole before pulling the button up the thread towards the hoop. Leave 1” of space between the hoop and the button.
6. Thread a second pink flower button in the same manner. Pull it up the thread and leave 1” of space between the first and second buttons.
7. Continue threading and pulling buttons until there are 5 on the thread.
8. Thread the needle through a small, round pink shirt button at the bottom and knot the thread to secure it in place.
9. Cut and attach 6 additional lengths of thread to the hoop making sure to keep the thread evenly spaced around the circle and cutting the thread to varying lengths for aesthetic appeal.
10. Thread each of the 6 additional lines of thread with different colors of flower buttons using purple, dark blue, light blue, green, yellow and pink for a charming rainbow look to the final mobile.
11. Cut a 12” length of white thread and knot one end to the top of the hoop.
12. Knot the opposite side of the thread to the other side of the hoop to act as an attachment point for hanging the mobile when it’s complete.
13. Apply a spot of hot glue to the back of a white flower button and press it to the outer edge of the hoop.
14. Continue gluing and attaching white flower buttons side by side until the entire outer edge of the hoop is covered.
15. Hang the button mobile in a nursery or outside on a patio to enjoy the captivating color and design.