Make a rustic and beautiful cupcake stand out of a log slice

In browsing through Pinterest or similar sites, you've probably seen some pretty cool items -- and maybe even this cupcake stand made with a log slice. You may sigh and say there's no way you could make something this complicated, but the truth is, having the right materials is sometimes all you need to make something that will shock your friends when you say it didn't come from a store.
This cupcake stand is the perfect mix of industrial and rustic, as well as a nifty addition to any children's birthday party or Super Bowl bash. You can use it for special occasions or just for fun Saturdays. Also, if cupcakes aren't your thing, you can store other items on it — from hot sauces to spices. And even when it's sitting in your kitchen with no actual cupcakes in sight, it still looks beautiful, exciting and fresh.
- A large log slice about a foot or so in diameter
- A jar of home decor wax
- A paintbrush
- A tissue for blotting
- 1/2-inch pipe flange (2)
- A power drill
- Black Sharpie marker
- 15 short Phillips flat-head screws (screw heads must be slightly larger than the holes of the pipe flange)
- Phillips screw driver
- Mini hairpin table legs (3)
- Straight pipe fittings (3 total -- 2 short, 1 long)
- 90-degree elbow pipe fitting (2)
- Another log slice about half the size of the first
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1. Take the larger of the two wood slices and paint one side with the home decor wax.
2. Use a tissue to blot the wax and smooth it out.
3. Next, take your first 1/2-inch pipe flange and arrange it near the left edge of the larger wood slice on the side that you waxed. Mark the holes in the flange onto the wood with a black Sharpie.
4. Use a power drill with a very small drill bit to drill holes where you've marked the wood.
5. Recover the pipe flange and screw three short screws into the flange using your screwdriver. The screw heads must be slightly larger than the holes in the pipe flange to hold it in place.
6. Turn the wood slice over and arrange the mini hairpin table legs at the bottom of the slice so the slice will stand up straight. Mark the holes in the table legs onto the wood with your black Sharpie.
7. Use the power drill to drill holes where you have marked the wood.
8. Recover the table legs and screw three screws in each of the legs. Again, the screw heads must be slightly larger than the holes in the table legs in order to hold them in place.
9. Take one of the short, straight pipe fittings and screw it into one of the 90-degree elbow pipe fittings. Screw the longer straight pipe fitting into the end of the elbow pipe fitting. The shape made should look like an L.
10. Screw the other 90-degree elbow pipe fitting into the other end of the longer straight pipe. Finally, screw the short straight pipe into the end of the last elbow pipe.
11. Screw the pipe into the flange on the top of your wood slice so that it faces upward. Keep turning the pipe until it's reasonably tight, but don't tighten it too much.
12. Take the smaller wooden slice and place the other flange on top. Mark the holes in the flange with a black Sharpie.
13. Use your power drill to drill holes where you've marked the wood.
14. Recover the pipe flange and screw three screws into the flange.
15. Now, you have a cupcake stand that's rustic and handsome as well as lightweight and functional.

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