Organize your space with this DIY rope basket

Baskets are an ideal way to incorporate style and function into your living space. Not only are baskets a great way to clean up clutter and house all your items you need to keep accessible, but they can add an element of design to any room.
Taking an old basket and adding rope around its perimeter is an easy way to add character and color to your decor. Not only is this DIY project simple to master, but it can easily be applied to any room in your home or office space. All you have to do is choose your color palette.
- One small to medium sized wicker basket.
- Two balls of yarn or decorative cotton rope (each in a different color).
- Hot glue gun.
- Craft scissors.
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1. Turn the basket on its side.
2. Starting at the bottom left corner, take the end of your rope or yarn and hot glue the end of it to the corner, right along the bottom perimeter of the basket.
3. Continue to add a line of hot glue along the bottom perimeter of the basket in a straight line, stopping about half way through each time to adhere your rope/yarn to the glue before continuing along each side of the basket.
4. Once you get back to the corner where you began, glue your rope/yarn to right before the beginning piece and shift it up to continue gluing around the perimeter. Your next line should rest and be glued directly above the first line, so that the two lines of rope touch, the top above the bottom.
5. Continue doing this with the same color of rope until you get to about 2/3 of the way up your basket.
6. Once you're about 2/3 of the way up your basket, bring your rope to the left corner of the basket (2/3 of the way up from your starting point), and cut the rope. Make sure to glue down the last row so that it stays intact with the basket.
7. Take your other color of rope/yarn and follow these same steps, picking up where you left off in your rows, until you finish covering the rest of the basket. Your next color should be glued and lie directly above the first color, so that the lines touch.
8. Once you get to the top of the basket, go around one more time and glue another line of rope/yarn to the very top perimeter.
9. Once you reach the end, cut your rope/yarn and glue the end piece on both top and bottom of the rope to the basket.
If your basket has metal handles at the top like shown in the video, skip over the metal handles and do not cover with your rope. What you can do instead is wrap your rope around the handle at each end, and glue to the inside of the basket.
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