This DIY storage container will give you a new appreciation for laundry baskets

Run-of-the-mill plastic laundry baskets are the sort of necessary conveniences that get hidden away in closets and bathrooms because they simply don't fit into the curated aesthetics of trendy decorators — at least, they didn't until now.
This simple upcycling project uses a few well-placed materials not only to enhance the storage function of an average laundry basket, but also to make it a piece that rustic charmers and boho aficionados can use in their living rooms without cringing.
- One square-shaped, white plastic slotted laundry basket
- Thick craft wire
- Needle-nose pliers
- Natural rope or twine
- Hot glue gun with glue sticks
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1. Select two slots near the top middle of the laundry basket on opposite sides of one another.
2. Unravel some of the craft wire and wrap one end around the edge of the first slot, using the pliers to ensure it's twisted thoroughly.
3. Draw the wire across the laundry basket, wrapping the loose end around the edge of the opposite slot, once again using the pliers to twist firmly. This wire will serve as a divider to assist with keeping stored items organized.
4. Unspool some of the robe or twine and wrap the loose end around one of the laundry basket's handles. Hot glue that first loop in place.
5. Continue to loop the rope around the handle, applying hot glue liberally as you go, pressing loops together tightly so they cover the handle below.
6. Cut the rope once you've covered the handle completely and glue the second loose end in place. Repeat this entire process with the second laundry basket handle. By covering the handles with the natural fibers, you completely change the aesthetic of the basket.
7. Fill the newly made-over container with plush items like pillows or blankets, keeping them upright with the help of the wire in the center of the basket, and place it in your living room or guest room.

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