Don't toss old books. Repurpose them into something trendy

For those who love books, it’s likely that your collection of hard and soft covers has grown significantly over time. Many literature enthusiasts find shelves and cupboards overflowing with well-read favorites needing a place to be stored. When room is running out and you need space for new books, there’s no reason to toss the old ones. Instead, repurpose them into something new and trendy that can help out in your home.
The binding and covers of books make them durable and useful beyond the value of the words on the page. With minimal alterations, you can transform a book into everything from a knife block to a mail sorter. Take a book off the shelf and turn it into one instead, or give a hardcover volume or two a new life as a planter. Extend the life of the books you've loved, and add some organizational value to your home in the process.
How to make a knife block from old books
Chefs everywhere know that one of the keys to success in their kitchens is having a quality collection of knives on hand. How you store those knives is essential to their longevity. Give knife storage in your kitchen literary style. A set of three or four paperback books is enough to create ample space for knives. Once you've stacked the books and glued them to a baseboard, tie twine around the middle to add rustic charm while also providing a sturdy frame for the block. Knives can be settled between the covers, keeping them protected and easy to access, while the book covers add a personalized touch to your kitchen counter. Learn the steps to creating this block here.
How to make a mail sorter from an old book
Keeping your mail and reminder cards organized isn’t always easy, but it can always be fashionable when you turn an old book into a nifty mail sorter. Take a hardcover book you've finished reading and don't mind altering for this craft, then use a utility knife to cut slits for keeping envelopes and cards upright. Place your new mail sorter in an entryway or on the kitchen counter to keep mail and reminders top of mind each day. See how simple it is to create this organizational aid here.
How to make a shelf from an old book
Instead of trying to fit yet another new book onto the shelf in vain, remove an old one and turn it into the shelf space that’s needed. You'll design this shelf made from a book by cutting away pages to make room for a bracket that can be secured between the jacket covers and mounted on the wall. The book's spine will be facing out when the shelf is complete, so choose a colorful cover to make this shelf really pop against a solid-hued wall. The top cover faces up, providing plenty of space for setting a vase of flowers or even other smaller books on top. Learn how to make it here.
How to make a photo holder from an old book
Keeping your favorite photos on display is a wonderful way to highlight meaningful memories. Make sure those photos are always visible by turning an old book into a one-of-a-kind photo holder. Open the book and hot glue sections of pages into the spine to create a set of paper rolls. The weight of the paper roll keeps the top cover propped up. When picking a book for this project, choose one with thicker pages to make a sturdy photo frame. When the page rolls are in place, you can set pictures in-between for a creative display. Set the book on an end table or shelf, and see what compliments you'll get from your family and friends. Learn to make this unique photo holder here.
How to make a lamp with old books
Getting just the right light at home begins with picking just the right lamp. While you can always buy a lamp at the store, consider using old books to create a lamp that comes with a lot of literary style. All you need are three books. Choose those with decorative covers to maximize aesthetic appeal, and use one as the base. Hot glue the other two books to the bottom book in a standing V-shape that doubles as a creative lampshade. Set a bulb and base directly behind the standing books for a lamp that’s cozy, colorful and warms up a room. While softcover books would work for this lamp, hardcover books guarantee a sturdy base. See how to create this charming look here.
How to make a stool with old books
Transform an old series of books into a creative kitchen stool with just a little hot glue and twine. Choose four hardcover books with corresponding cover designs for a final design that’s colorful and sturdy. You can position the books on top of a stool to create a square seat and add twine to the edge of the stool for a rustic touch. Using a series to create this DIY project guarantees that the books are close in dimensions, making for an even and comfortable stool that’s truly one-of-a-kind. While this book stool works well in a living room or kitchen, you could always use children’s books for a stool that’s charming for kid’s book nook. See how it’s done here.
How to make a planter from an old book
Adding a touch of greenery to your home is a delightful way to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside year-round. Instead of heading out and purchasing a planter, turn to an old book to get the job done. Gluing a foam block to the cover of a book provides a sturdy base for a collection of faux succulents. Once they're arranged into a pleasing design, the book can be placed on top of a stack of others for a final look that’s colorful and unique. Stack the books on a shelf, end table or an entryway to welcome friends and family into your home with style. Learn to create this pretty planter here.

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