This DIY laundry basket table on casters is pretty and easy to move

Laundry baskets can be turned into all kinds of storage containers, but have you ever thought of taking a metal hamper and turning it into a table? This project is easy, quick and leaves you with a lovely centerpiece for your living room. What's more, if you decide you want to move it to the other side of the room — or out of the room entirely — you can!
This table is built on casters or small cart wheels that make moving it as easy as anything. It looks beautiful and efficient, and while you may want to store something inside for aesthetic value more than immediate daily use, you can easily remove the top in order to pull out what's stored within.
- An old or unused metal laundry basket with handles
- A round piece of wood or plywood that is the same size as the bottom of the basket
- 4 standard metal casters with rubber wheels
- A pencil
- A power drill
- 16 small screws that will fit into the holes in the casters
- 2 small, sturdy brads
- A hammer
- A lap desk or round tabletop that has holes for handles (Make sure it can sit on top of the laundry basket and that the handles can poke through the holes.)
DIY Everywhere
1. Remove any dirty laundry from your laundry basket first. Place the piece of wood inside the basket to make sure it is roughly the same size as the base. After this, take the wood out and lay it on the floor.
2. Place each of the four casters on the wood spaced evenly apart. Use the pencil to mark the holes in each of the casters in order to remind yourself where you need to drill.
3. Remove the casters. Drill four small holes in the wood for each of the casters where you've marked with your pencil.
4. Place the casters back on the wood and line them up with the holes. Use a screwdriver or the drill to screw each of the 16 screws in place. Now, your circle of wood should have four casters on it that allow it to roll smoothly.
5. Turn the piece of wood over so the casters are on the ground. Take the laundry basket and place it on the piece of wood. Use one of the brads to secure the basket to the wood. Hammer it in place. When the brad feels tight, hammer the other in place on the opposite side. Try to keep the brads toward the center of the laundry basket to ensure integrity.
6. Take the lap desk and place it on top of the laundry basket. Pull the handles of the basket through the holes in the desk.
7. Decorate your table as you see fit, putting books or display items inside and placing a battery-operated lamp or plant on top. Now, you may roll your table from person to person easily, making serving appetizers — or passing around anything else — an elegant breeze.