Turn a wire laundry basket into an industrial end table

A classic wire laundry basket might align nicely with your personal sense of style if it's modern and minimalistic. Have you ever wondered what other capabilities that basket might have beyond simply transporting laundry, though? As it turns out, the same laundry basket can receive a makeover and turn into a trendy end table.
This piece will serve as an uber-stylish, modern industrial addition to your living room by the time you're through, cementing that you can upcycle with the best of them. You could even use your new table for extra storage in your bedroom if you'd like. In any case, there will be no hint that this Instagrammable end table was ever another household item.
- One round wire laundry basket
- A set of metal hairpin table legs
- Round wooden plank
- Power drill
- 8 screws
- 2 metal thumb tacks
- Round wooden tray with handle cutouts
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1. Line the bottom of the laundry basket up with the round wooden plank to ensure they match closely.
2. Place the hairpin legs against the bottom of the wooden plank, marking in pencil the spaces where the screws will fit to hold the legs in place.
3. Remove the legs and drill holes into the areas marked with pencil using the power drill.
4. Return the hairpin legs to the plank, lining them up over the holes, and use the power drill again to insert four screws to secure each of the legs (using eight screws total).
5. Turn the table right-side up so the wooden plank is sitting on top of the metal hairpin legs. Match the bottom of the laundry basket so it rests evenly on top of the wooden plank.
6. Using the two thumbtacks, secure the laundry basket to the wooden plank using the center wires of the basket.
7. Once you've secured the basket, place the wooden tray over the top, fitting the handle cutouts to come down over the top of laundry basket's handles.
8. Place books, candles or coasters on top of your new end table in your living room or bedroom. When you need to store something inside of it, simply remove the tray top momentarily and replace it whenever you're ready.

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