Highlight creativity and color at the rink by adding a rainbow to roller skates

Roller skating is a fun way to pass the time and a hobby that’s ideal for improving balance. Part of the excitement when it comes to planning a day at the rink is accessorizing an outfit that matches the part. While bright clothing and era-specific extras make for a great fashion statement on the rink floor, there’s no reason not to give roller skates themselves a colorful upgrade.
A collection of acrylic paints is all it takes to turn plain roller skates into a stylish set complete with decorative rainbows. While white skates will really let the colors pop, a painted rainbow can be added to any color of skates. If the skates come with colorful wheels, consider picking a set of paints that compliment that hue either in bold shades or pastels. Matching laces only work to enhance the final look. When the painting is done, roller skating will not only be thrilling fun but an eye-catching activity that speaks to a personalized sense of style.
-A pair of white roller skates
-Plastic paint palette
-Acrylic paints in hues of pink, yellow, green, blue and purple
DIY Everywhere
1. Lay a white roller skate on its side on a flat working surface with the toes pointed to the left.
2. Draw the outline of four increasingly large rainbow arches onto the skate using the heel seam as a shape guide. The largest top arch should reach the lace loops, and the ends should extend halfway along the bottom of the skate and halfway up the back.
3. Fill a plastic paint palette with pink, yellow, green, blue and purple acrylic paint.
4. Paint the pencil arches on the skate to create a rainbow. Begin by filling in the second arch with pink and leaving the space of white at the heel unfinished.
5. Fill in the arches starting at the bottom and working towards the top. Add yellow, green, blue and purple paint in that order.
6. Paint a second identical rainbow on the matching skate. Make sure each rainbow is added to the outside of the skate so they are visible when the skates are being worn.
7. Pair and wear these rainbow skates with a colorful outfit at the rink to maximize the retro aesthetic.

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