Keep track of time in style: Create a clock made from basic buttons

A customized clock can add a nice, decorative touch to any room in the home while also keeping life and schedules on track and on time. While it may be tempting to go to the store and find just the right clock to match a room’s interior design, there’s no reason to spend excessively when you can create a DIY clock using extra buttons. A round wood disc, some paint and hot glue are the essentials required, in addition to buttons, when it comes to creating a one-of-a-kind clock that captures the unique aesthetic of a space.
Personalize a button clock according to color and texture preferences by mixing and matching button shapes, sizes and hues. Sticking to wood buttons on a white background is a great way to achieve a final product with rustic appeal. Adding a set of gold clock hands creates eye-catching contrast to the earth-tones of the buttons as well. Set this button clock on a bookshelf and bring out the natural color palette by surrounding it with candles tied with a bit of twine. This clock also works well on a wall in a country-style kitchen.
-Unfinished wood disc, 12” in diameter
-Wood block, 5” x 7”
-Table clamp (2)
-Handheld drill
-Sanding block
-Home Décor Chalk, Plaid
-Small glass bowl
-Flat-tipped paintbrush
-Brown oval button with two holes, (4)
-Hot glue gun
-Brown round button with four holes, (12)
-Clock mechanism with gold hands and nut and bolt attachments included
DIY Everywhere
1. Place an unfinished wood disc on a flat working surface.
2. Position a ruler across the center of the disc horizontally and mark the 6” line with a pencil.
3. Flip the ruler vertically and mark the 6” line in pencil once again.
4. Set a 5” by 7” wooden block at the edge of a work surface, and center the wood disc on top of the block.
5. Secure the disc and block to the table using a set of table clamps.
6. Drill a hole through the wood disc at the pencil-marked center point.
7. Remove the table clamps to release the disc.
8. Sand the edges of the drilled hole smooth on both sides of the disc.
9. Lay the disc on a flat working surface again.
10. Fill a small glass bowl with Home Décor Chalk in the color Plaid.
11. Paint the entire surface of the wood disc using a flat-tipped paintbrush.
12. Apply hot glue lengthwise down one side of a brown oval button with two holes.
13. Press the button vertically to the top edge of the disc where the 12 on a traditional clock would be positioned.
14. Hot glue three additional oval buttons to the disc to occupy the space the 3, 6 and 9 would be on a standard clock. Secure the bottom button vertically and the two side buttons horizontally.
15. Attach 12 small, brown round buttons with hot glue to take up the spaces where the remaining clock numbers would sit. Glue each button to the surface so that the flat side faces out.
16. Insert the clock mechanism through the center hole coming in from the back of the disc.
17. Place the washer and nut on the mechanism spoke on the front of the clock and press the three clock hands onto the spoke to secure them in place.
18. Twist the nut tight on the spoke with pliers.
19. Set the button clock on a bookshelf or mount it on a wall to keep track of time in style.