Wrap rope around chair seat & get a chic look in a few easy steps

Have you have run into this problem? You have people coming over and suddenly realize you won’t have enough seating options. Now, you have to scramble to find another chair or two, or throw pillows on the ground and try for a Moroccan theme. Instead of all that hassle, grab a couple of old chairs and make your own set of woven seat chairs.
When picking a chair to upcycle, make sure it is sturdy enough to support the weight of an adult if you plan on ever sitting in it. Also, keep in mind that you will be weaving the seat, so the back of the chair should have enough opening to loop the rope around. You can choose any color of chalk paint to match with your current decor, or try a mixed-and-matched look for a fun, eclectic feel. As always when working with power tools, follow safety guidelines and wear protective gear.
- Old chair
- X-Acto knife
- Power sander
- Sanding sponge
- A clean, damp cloth
- Rope
- Pencil
- Power drill
- ⅝-inch spade drill bit
- Paintbrush
- FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint
- Masking tape
- Rope cutter or durable shears
- Heavy-duty scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. Remove the seat. If you are working with a woven chair, use an X-Acto knife to cut out the old weaving. Other chairs might require different tools.
2. Sand the wood with a power sander. Finish with a sanding sponge to get to smaller areas. Wipe the entire surface with a clean, damp cloth.
3. Drill holes to tie on the rope for your woven seat. Use the rope to measure and mark how far apart to drill the holes on the sides of the base that will be under your arms.
4. Using the drill bit, drill holes at your marks. Drill two holes on the back edge of the seat base, one on each end.
5. Use a sanding sponge on the tops and bottoms of those holes to smooth out any roughness caused by the drill. Follow up with a dusting brush or paintbrush to clear away any remaining dust.
6. With FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint in your choice of color, paint the chair with as many coats as needed for an opaque finish. Allow the paint to dry completely.
7. Place a piece of masking tape around your rope to use as a cutting guide. This will also give you an easier time weaving through the ends.
Tip: You can purchase cutters specifically made for thick rope and wire, but you can use pruning shears or heavy-duty scissors on smaller ropes.
8. Thread your rope through one of the back piece holes. Loop the rope over the front of the seat, then under and back around the back, continuing until you have enough loops to span the seat. The loops should still have a little give because they will tighten up as you weave across. Tie off the rope on the underside of the holes.
9. Space the vertical loops as evenly as possible. Using the drilled holes on each side of the seat as guides, weave lengths of rope over and under the vertical loops you made earlier. Tie knots on the underside of the holes to secure the rope.
10. Continue weaving until you’ve crossed the chair through each hole. You can fray the ends of the knots for a fringe detail. Set your beach-inspired chair in a mudroom or poolhouse for a fun, homey vibe.
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