Bedeck a napkin ring with an old brooch to serve up elegance at the dinner table

Napkin rings are guaranteed to instantly add a look of polished elegance to your place settings. However, don’t let a mass-produced set from the store dictate your dinner table style. This DIY napkin ring made with an old brooch has plenty of carefully chosen details that are sure to delight your guests. The napkin ring featured in this project uses burlap and lace for a shabby-chic style, but you can modify the materials to match your design aesthetic.
Before deciding the type of ribbon to use, gather together the brooches you want to feature on top of the rings. Thrift stores and garage sales are treasure troves for unique and affordable vintage brooches. Pair the brooches with ribbons that bring out their inherent beauty. For instance, an anchor-shaped brooch and a woven ribbon with stripes would add more nautical appeal, while an art deco flower brooch paired with satin and velvet ribbons creates a more luxurious look.
- Old brooch
- Burlap ribbon, 2 inches wide
- Lace ribbon, 1 inch wide
- Scissors
- Craft wire
- Wire cutters
- High-temperature glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
DIY Everywhere
1. Unroll a piece of burlap ribbon to a length of about 1 1/2 feet long. Cut the ribbon.
2. Cut a piece of craft wire that's about 1 inch shorter than the ribbon. Center the wire about 1/8 inch above the bottom edge of the ribbon and glue down. This will help make the ring adjustable.
3. Put another line of hot glue directly above the wire. Roll over the bottom edge of the ribbon and press down. Continue across the length of the ribbon. This will give the ribbon edge a finished look.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the top edge of the ribbon. Turn the burlap right side up.
5. Cut a piece of lace ribbon that's about 1 inch longer than the burlap ribbon. Place it on top of the burlap and center it. The left and right edges of the lace ribbon should hang over the sides of the burlap.
6. Turn both pieces of ribbon upside down. Put a line of hot glue on the burlap parallel to the right edge of the ribbon. Fold over the right edge of the lace ribbon and gingerly press down. Put another line of hot glue on top of the lace, then fold over the burlap and lace to create a finished edge. Repeat for the left sides of the ribbons.
7. Trim any loose threads. Turn the ribbon right side up.
8. Pin a brooch to the center of the ribbon.
9. Your napkin ring is complete! Wrap it around a rolled cloth napkin before putting it on your place setting.