Create a charming personalized wreath in no time

A wreath is an introduction to your house. When displayed on the front door, you are telling visitors about your home from the moment they walk in. While holiday wreaths might not fit year-round, this wreath, made from a sophisticated silver tray, can be updated anytime you like and still allow you to show off your personal style.
Creating this wreath takes just a few minutes, but it can easily become a permanent fixture of your home. Choose flowers that compliment your home, and add flourishes to update it with the season. It can be customized for any holiday or change of aesthetic with a few minutes and some creativity.
- Silver tray, ideally with holes along the edge
- Faux flowers of your choosing
- Needle-nose pliers
- Wire cutters
- Crafting wire
- Hot glue gun and glue
- Bird figurine (optional)
- Twine
- Scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. Clean the silver tray, and lay it on a flat surface.
2. Place your faux flowers along the bottom of the tray with the stems crossing at the middle and the sprigs outlining the tray. Choose faux flowers that match your home. Try to select options with longer stems to achieve this elegant look.
3. Trim the stems to match the edge of the tray. Many faux flowers have wire in the stem, which can be cut using wire cutters.
4. Snip a few inches of crafting or jewelry wire. Loop it through the holes along the edge of the tray, and secure the stems. Twist the wire tightly in the back to ensure the flowers stay in place.
5. Add additional wire at the intersection of the stems, again winding tightly in the back. Make sure all the flowers and stems are secure, and trim any excess wire.
6. For added decoration, use hot glue to place a bird figurine in the middle of your wreath. This will also help to hide the wire used to secure the flowers. You may choose to add additional flowers, branches or accouterments of your choosing.
7. Cut about 1 foot of twine. Find the holes at the top of the tray that center your arrangement. Thread the twine through these holes, and tie the ends securely together. It will help to balance your arrangement if you span a few holes.
8. Hang your creation anywhere for a dainty, vintage detail. Update your wreath with the season by unwrapping the wire and using new trimmings.

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