Add some sparkle with an artistic fixture made from string lights

Light fixtures are a subtle design feature that you might not immediately notice when you walk into a room — at least not consciously. The reality is, though, that a well-placed, stylish fixture can serve as the focal point of any room in your home. Not to mention, good lighting is one of the simplest ways to turn any space into an inviting oasis.
Happily, you can create a trendy hanging lamp with just a handful of materials. With string lights stealing the show in this decorative masterpiece, you'll find yourself left with a conversation piece that doesn't cost much in the way of time or money.
- Three large embroidery hoops
- One white string of lights
- Hot glue gun and hot glue
- Rubber band
DIY Everywhere
1. Unscrew the outer layer of each of the embroidery hoops so you're left with just three thin circles of wood.
2. Fashion the hoops around one another to create a sort of globe. Play around with the intersections until you reach a design you like.
3. Using your hot glue gun, fasten the intersections of the hoops together so your design remains stable. There will be six points of contact, so make sure you apply glue to each of them.
4. Unravel the string of lights, and keep the receiving plug end in hand. Starting with that end, begin wrapping the lights around the hoops.
5. Continue wrapping the hoops in the string of lights until the entire structure is covered and the whole string has been used. This should leave the plug easily accessible, so make sure you don't lose track of it.
6. Finally, wrap a rubber band around the hoop you want to serve as the top of the fixture. This way, you can hang your new lamp easily from a ceiling hook and plug it into a nearby outlet or extension cord to brighten any room in your home.