Missing the beach? Bring it to your home with this seashell string light garland

There's something so organically beautiful about seashells. Perhaps they're a reminder that some of the world's most wonderful treasures are those made by nature, or perhaps they simply evoke the calm and serenity of a beach. Whatever the reason, there's no denying that people love to decorate with seashells.
If you're looking for a creative way to incorporate some shells into your living room or bedroom, string lights may just be the answer you're looking for. The dorm-room simplicity of these lights is overpowered by the subtle craftsmanship of the shell design, so you'll find yourself with a grownup beachy boho aesthetic when all is said and done.
- 100 cowrie shells
- White embroidery thread
- Large sewing needle
- White string of lights
- Thread cutters
- Glue (optional)
DIY Everywhere
1. Separate shells into 20 groups of five.
2. Thread your large needle with the white embroidery thread and snip the thread so it's not too long to work with. One group at a time, draw the thread through the middle of each shell at the thinner end.
3. Repeat the process of threading together the group of shells about 10 times, or until they seem securely fastened. The tighter you can pull the thread, the easier this project will be later on. Knot the thread on the underside of the shells.
4. Complete this step for each of the 20 groups of shells, so you're left with 20 flower-shaped shell creations connected by the white embroidery thread.
5. Unfurl the string of lights, and push each bulb through the centers of the shell creations near the embroidery thread.
6. If the shells seem to be slipping off of the bulbs, you can add some glue to hold them in place. Otherwise, your string of lights is ready to be proudly displayed once you've affixed each of the shell shapes.

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