Wrap string lights around hula hoop for a cool DIY

Remember when you first learned to hula hoop? It feels something like riding a bike, in that once you catch the rhythm, you never really lose the hang of it. Fun as these simple toys may have been when you were a kid, you probably don't have as much time to play around with them anymore.
If you're an avid DIY enthusiast, though, you probably do have more than enough time to turn one of these childhood vestiges into a boho chandelier with the help of some trusty string lights. It might sound unlikely, but your living room will never look the same once you're finished with this project.
- One hula hoop
- One white string of lights
- Natural-colored rope
- One carabiner
- Scissors
1. Set your hula hoop on a flat surface, either one you have to assemble or a hoop that's already in one piece.
2. Loop the string of lights around the entire perimeter of the hula hoop until the string is used completely and the hoop is well-covered.
3. Measure the rope against the length of one full loop across the hoop, and cut double that length. Fold the length of rope in half, and tie the looped end around the carabiner.
4. Tie a knot about 3/4 of the way toward the loose end of rope, then knot the loose ends around the hula hoop with a bit of fringe remaining. Now, one end of the rope should be connected to the carabiner, and the other should be connected to the hula hoop.
5. Unravel the ends of the rope to give them a fringed effect, then complete steps 3 and 4 five additional times, so there are six ropes connected to both the hoop and the carabiner.
6. Use the carabiner to fasten the chandelier to the ceiling. Note: Because you've secured the string of lights, they won't unravel themselves.
7. Cut smaller lengths of rope to fasten around the hula hoop, unraveling them to add some extra fringe texture to the chandelier. You can add as many or as few of these additional fringes as you like.
8. Hang your new chandelier from the ceiling of the room with a simple hook through the carabiner, and enjoy your newly elevated aesthetic.
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