Transform a boring headboard into a work of art in a few easy steps

If the mantle is the heart of every living room, then the headboard is undoubtedly the soul of every bedroom. More decorative than functional, a headboard says a lot about your personal aesthetic. Are you regal and classic? Modern and industrial? Bohemian and vintage? A cursory glance at the headboard probably holds a clue.
That said, a boring headboard can feel especially stuffy for those with a penchant for art and style, and this is the right project to breathe some life into an outdated bed. Requiring just a few inexpensive materials and a whole lot of creative vision, this upcycling DIY will leave your bedroom feeling fresh and individualistic. A darker color of paint will help accentuate the lights.
- Wooden headboard
- Chalk paint
- Paintbrush
- Drawn lettering guide
- Pencil
- Small knotted rope
- Power drill and 3/8-inch bit
- Sandpaper
- String of mini lights
1. Place the plain headboard flat on the ground. Put it on a sheet or some other protective surface if you're worried about damaging the floor.
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2. Cover the front of the headboard completely with chalk paint, leaving the back unpainted unless it's going to show. Let it dry.
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3. Select a word and design to apply to the headboard. (The tutorial uses "Dream" in cursive writing.) Draw a prototype of the design on paper, and follow it as you draw an outline on the headboard in pencil.
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4. Bend the rope around the penciled letters, drawing dots anywhere that a knot falls.
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5. Drill holes where the dots are marked.
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Brush away the wood dust as you go.
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6. Sand the tops of the holes until they are smooth.
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Touch up the chalk paint around the holes so no wood shows. Let it dry.
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7. Turn over the headboard so the back is facing up. Use wooden planks or other item under each side to suspend the headboard a few inches.
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8. Place the individual bulbs of the string lights through the drilled holes until each of them has a light.
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9. Plug in and admire your creation!​
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DIY Everywhere

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