Feel like a princess with this cute pumpkin carriage project

The clock struck midnight and Cinderella was late. In the well-known fairy tale, Cinderella flees from the castle into a carriage that quickly returns to its original pumpkin form. Make your own homage to this children’s story with a pumpkin, hot glue and some imagination. This princess-inspired pumpkin is a whimsical option for a dainty and delicate fall decoration. Your little princess will love having her very own pumpkin carriage.
Even little ones can help with this project if the hot glue gun has adult supervision. If you decide to do this project for a princess party, consider making several sets of wire wheels ahead of time. Although the tutorial used a white pumpkin, you can buy small orange pumpkins and paint them. Each carriage can be totally personalized, so let the creativity run free — just like Cinderella, running to catch her coach.
- Small white pumpkin
- Metallic permanent marker, gold or bronze
- Sparkle tape
- Scissors
- Pink tulle
- Hot glue gun
- Jewelry wire, large and small gauges
- Wire cutter
DIY Everywhere
1. Wash and completely dry the pumpkin.
2. Color in the door of the carriage using the metallic permanent marker. The tutorial uses an arch shape.
3. Place a strip of sparkly tape along the bottom of the carriage door and cut where the door ends.
4. Cut a piece of pink tulle about 6 inches long and tie a knot in the middle. Add a dot of hot glue to the knot and press it to the top of the carriage door.
5. Stick a small piece of sparkly tape in the middle of side of the tulle, attaching the ends to the pumpkin, to keep the curtains pulled to the sides of the door.
6. With the wire cutters, trim enough larger gauge wire to bend into a spiral wheel — about two full rounds of wire.
7. Start bending one end of the wire, tightly at first, to create a spiral.
8. Pull the outer end of the wire close to the spiral, and secure it with the thinner jewelry wire by wrapping it tightly around the larger wire.
9. Determine where to poisition a wheel, and apply enough hot glue in that spot to attach two of the spiral rings to the pumpkin.
10. Repeat step 9 three more times so all four wheels are attached.
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